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Sauna Session | 1 Hour for 2

Sauna Session | 1 Hour for 2

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1-hour infrared sauna session for 2 people. Complete with towels, robes, & hydrating water.

The sauna features bluetooth for listening to your favourite tunes. A max of no more than 40 minutes sauna time is recommended. There is also a light (actually, multiple coloured lights) for reading. Plenty of magazines are available on site.

***Infrared sauna potentially has many health benefits. You can read about some here:

*please check with your doctor before booking/using a sauna session

*please do not take drugs or alcohol prior to your sauna session, and DO drink plenty of water

*clients are asked to use the Homestead inside shower before their session. Shower is available for afterwards, if required.

*due to high temperatures (up to 65 degrees Celcius) do not wear any jewellery inside the sauna

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